Monday, July 8, 2013

Narrow Road

One of the Fab Four infamously remarked that the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus" -- a statement that many Christians find infuriating. But if you think about it, popularity is not the issue, at least it never was for Jesus. In fact, he regularly went out of his way to offend his listeners! That move would have undoubtedly annoyed a modern day publicity team, had he needed such a thing. Instead, Jesus emphasized the difficulties in accepting his message, but also the rewards to come. It's a musical group's job to be popular, but not so a Savior. Christ did not choose the way of fame and fortune, but instead the Way of the Cross that leads to salvation -- for anyone who can accept such an "unpopular" message.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The Bible is filled with many lovely 4-lettered words that we forget to demonstrate. Love...Give...Sing...Word...Pray...Come...and Good. I rather think "Good" was one of God's favorite since that is the expression He used about everything He created. God tells us to : Do good
      Be good
      Love good
      Live good
      Show good
And of course, there is the state of good..Goodness! which will surely follow.
So here's the point.......If God says it then we should be it. God says that He made man in His image...and it was Good. Reveal to the world that you belong to the One Who makes all things Good. And, oh yeah, Have a Good day!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Any way you look at it this is just plain clever. A play on words...a smart way to grab your attention and any number of other ideas. But the truth behind this is serious and life changing. The question demands an answer. I ask you... DO YOU?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Make Noise

One of my new favorite things is to sit still and listen. Listen to the hundreds of birds that sing in chorus...listen to the wind talk to the trees...listen to the waves tickling the shore then running away again. Listen to the night orchestra of cicadas, frogs, and crickets and the occasional owl. Listen to the stillness...listen.
 Scripture tell us that all of God's creation sing praises to Him. How could we not join in this Heavenly salute to our Father as well? Make a joyful noise...not just any noise but one that comes from complete and abandoned love for God. Sing a new song...a continuous "thank you" to the ONE would made us. Sing..Praise..and Make some noise!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


  We are all a part of humanity regardless of our ethnic backgrounds, our particular persuasions, our value and belief systems, and our political preferences. We are made of  blood, bones, and body while different in type and structure.
 We all want the same be
happy..loved..successful..needed..of worth.
So why do we tear at each other? Why do we belittle each other ? Why do we reject the very idea that we are family?
 Can another who does not lay claim to being a member of "God's Family" truly be accepted by one who is in "God's Family"? Can we really coexist with one another despite our differences? Join in on this discussion and let us know what you think.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let's Love

Love is a rare 4-letter word that we throw around often not realizing the depth and cost of the word. Actually Jesus is often named in 4-letter words....He is the WORD. He is LOVE. He is LIFE everlasting. And then there are the 4-letter words that He does for us....He will HEAL us. He teaches us how to LIVE. He will FILL our need. He will CALL to us and HEAR us.  And His ultimate gift...He DIED for us and ROSE from death for us.
Seems that JESUS is God's act of love put into something that we can see, hear, and touch. Thank you God, for Your LOVE!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Explicit Content

Freedom always comes with a price. In the USA we have just celebrated our Independence Day which began the birth of Democracy in our country. We gained the freedom to live as we choose, govern ourselves, and a long list of rights for the citizens including the freedom to worship. The price was great to us in death and well as financial loss...but, oh! the outcome was so much greater!
Freedom from sin... shame...guilt...worry...fear...anger...and so many others is also extremely costly. But here's the is FREE to you and me!!! This unbelievable price was paid in full by Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He willingly fought the war and gave His life for your freedom. And for your eternal live with Him and God, our Father in Heaven for all of Eternity.
Jesus destroyed completely and forever the enemy's hold over our lives. That is why the Gospel is banned in many nations. That is why Christianity is under attack. But Gardenfire is here to declare that the Gospel is one of Love..Peace..and Hope! Rise up and fight the enemy with God's Holy Word and belief in Jesus! Have your very own Independence Day right now!!!!